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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where's the snow??

It's January 26, 2012 and my boys and I are heading to the zoo!  We haven't had {hardly} any snow this winter.  Usually by this time we've had some even if it's just a dusting!  My boys are begging for snow and the high today is 55 degrees.  I'm sure we'll get some but in the mean time here are the snowy cookies I did at Christmas time.
I did lots of snowglobes! Inspired by many other snowglobes out there! I got this cutter from www.coppergifts.com.

Here's another way I used the snowglobe cutter...Frosty is all dressed up ready for a night on the town!

Here are some snowmen ornaments.

And last but not least Frosty with his hat!

As much as I really don't like walking and driving in the snow I do hope we get some for my boys!!  (and for the farmers)


  1. The weather has really been odd all over! Cute snowy cookies, though. :-)

  2. I'm really late in seeing this, but wanted to tell you they are adorable! I hope you and the boys got the snow you were hoping for!